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Civil Practice: U.S. Federal and Puerto Rico Courts


  • Removal & Deportation
  • Sponsorship of Immediate Family
  • Naturalization

Labor & Employment

  • Counseling About Labor and Employment Matters
  • Unjustified Dismissal
  • Sexual Harrasment
  • Discrimination of Age, Race, Religion and Disability (“ADAAA”)
  • Employment Disputes

Personal Injury Law

  • Difamation
  • Violation of Intimacy
  • Violation of Civil Rights

Breach of Contract

  • Debt Recollection
  • Condominium Law


  • Declaration of Heirship
  • Liquidations and Partitions


  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Child Custody and Guardianship


  • Social Security Disability
  • Office of Consumer Affairs (spanish acronym “DACO”)
  • Representation at Other Administrative Agencies

Protective Orders


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